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June 2019

What the Heck is EX Design? Part 2 – The Philosophy of Employee Experience Design

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In What the Heck is EX Design Part 1 I started to share a little about what Employee Experience Design is all about. In this second part I want to share more about some of its [...]

Introducing Journey Tiles – Journey Mapping with More Empathy and Efficiency

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Journey mapping is awesome. Very often in my work as an Employee Experience Designer I use journey maps to explore and unpack an employee’s experience through parts of their lifecycle (eg onboarding, performance meetings [...]

May 2018

February 2018

Hello VR

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Musketeers are excited to introduce our Hello VR workshops in partnership with ACHIEVR!With investment in Virtual and Augmented Reality development at an all time high, it is clear that these technologies will transform [...]

September 2017

Employee Experience Design: Cues – The Silent Instructors

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Cues are the subtle signs that help shape and direct situations and experiences. They are extremely powerful because they tend to be processed by our subconscious, require less cognitive load to process (thinking energy), and [...]