Movement Creates Emotion.

//Movement Creates Emotion.

Movement creates emotion. “We are going somewhere” makes us feel something.

Upward arching journeys make us feel good.

A journey is a series of experiences chained together, and you can create movement by how you structure experiences at work. Here are 3 types of journeys you can take your teams on:

Meaning Journey: Chain experiences that connect staff to themselves, to each other and to the greater reason your organisation exists. Let everyone experience the positive impact their work makes in a chain of experiences.

Development Journey: Chain experiences that help an employee feel the new skill sets they have developed. Mapping their current skillsets is a good start, but there needs to be multiple stops in that journey where the employee notices the movement.

Accomplishment Journey: Chain experiences that highlight what has been completed. Create journey stops where teams can reflect, debrief and celebrate what has been completed.

Imagine if your staff felt that coming to work was going to “take them somewhere”. Good employee experiences don’t happen by accident – they have to be designed.

**What was it that a manager or organisation did for you that made you feel you were going somewhere? Let me know in the comments.