People Pay Attention to Where They are Going, Not Where They Are.

//People Pay Attention to Where They are Going, Not Where They Are.

People pay attention to where they are going, not where they are.

The bad-to-ok journey feels much better than the great-to-good one.

Since a journey is a series of experiences chained together you can start to think about the journey that your employees are experiencing. Here’s how to use this knowledge:

Plan: Map out the chain of experiences in a key stage like onboarding. The first day needs a lot of attention because it will be very memorable, BUT a mediocre job on the rest of it creates a slippery slide of disengagement – Wooo-m’eh.

Diagnose: What have been the series of experiences staff have been having, is it an upward or downward arch? For example, if a beloved staff member has left, sales targets were missed and performance reviews are coming up you might need to reset this journey with a positive experience.

Good employee experiences don’t happen by accident – they have to be designed.

**What was a positive experience you had recently at work? Share it in the comments so it helps HR/managers get some ideas.