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Employee Experience Designers - Using Human Centred Design to Shape the Employee Journey

Human-Centered Design for Creative Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions

Create a Thriving and Engaging Workplace

Pioneers of Employee Experience Design, Musketeers stand out as leaders changing the workforce landscape through applying a holistic, human-centred approach to redesigning the employee experience.

Using in-depth qualitative and quantitative research methods and deep design craft, we help organisations win the battle for the hearts & minds of their employees and create engaged, meaningful and productive workplaces.

Let us help you design employee experiences that not only attract and retain the right talent but optimises their potential in the workplace.

Increase productivity. Reduce frustrations. Increase wellbeing.

How We Can Help You

We'll guide you through the journey to a better employee experience.
Strategy - Bring your vision to life.


You have a vision for your organisation – we’ll help you create the people strategy and make it a reality.

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Projects - Deliver key employee experience projects.


Deliver key employee experience projects, design your employee journey and create an engaged, meaningful and productive workplace. 

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Talent - Attract and hire the right people.


Your leaders and managers have the greatest impact on your employee experience. Attract and hire the right people.

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Why EX Matters

We are focussed on people, not just process. By applying the designer’s toolkit, we bring empathy, creativity, exploration and play to the domain of people and culture, creating outcomes and innovation that traditional HR approaches don’t.

Design has already transformed the Customer Experience, dramatically improving the bottom line and customer engagement – we apply this thinking internally.

Employee Experience Design helps you get the best out of your most valuable asset – your people.

Check out our 50 second video to see why Employee Experience matters.

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