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We work with Business Leaders and People & Culture teams to transform workplaces through human-centred design.
We create meaningful and connected work environments, make it easier to get work done, and make coming to the office a ‘Yes!’ experience.

We Can Help You With…


People Strategy


Develop and align your people strategy to your business objectives so that your staff initiatives support the business goals instead of frustrating them.


People Strategy


Go through our Employee Experience Design process, mapping the key employee journey milestones so that you attract, engage and retain the right talent.


Employee Experience Design Training


Equip your People & Culture teams with the practical design skills they need to innovate and produce the ideas that drive organisational success. 


Innovation & Design Sprints


Run our Design Sprints to fast track innovation. Ideate, test and validate solutions and explore emerging technologies like Virtual Reality and Chatbots to enhance the Employee Experience.


People Strategy


Leverage our expertise and unique approach to solve problems across the employee lifecycle, including: Attraction, Recruitment Training, Induction, Research, Team Development,  Outplacement, Knowledge Retention and much more.

EX Matters

We are aware of the positive impact that User Experience design brings to product development and how Customer Experience design improves services.

Employee Experience Design helps you get the best out of your most valuable asset – people.

Check out our 50 second video to see why Employee Experience matters.

Some of Our Adventures

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