Give employees a map and a compass

//Give employees a map and a compass

Give employees a map and a compass at the start of their journeys.  People are happier when they have a vision of where they’re going and will travel a difficult journey if they can see the how and why of the journey.

A map shows you ways you can travel. Put your map on a table and bring your team around it – they’ll have better ideas to add. You can do this for their development, for their advancement, for a project, for a systems change.

A compass gives you direction. It helps you adjust when planned routes are blocked. It doesn’t have to be a meaning-of-life type of compass, but a clear stated direction, an end of journey vision. Keep repeating the direction and reasons for the journey.

Imagine your team around a table agreeing on the way forward. Good employee experiences don’t happen by accident – they have to be designed.

**Who’s a manager that was good at creating a clear vision for you and your team. Give them a shoutout in the comments