Connection is built around touch challenges

//Connection is built around touch challenges

Connection is built around tough challenges.

Connection is built with challenges that are bigger than us. That we cannot escape. That can only be solved by working together.

Coronavirus and transferring to remote working is your example of this. Managers are telling me that their teams are “energised”, realising they achieved something big in a small time window. They are feeling connected.

But how do you keep this connection?

Frame your team’s work into missions – adventures to take on challenges. This is the opposite of the rat-race. Tasks and responsibilities dislocated from meaning.

Take them on journeys and challenges they can come together around. And then celebrate the battles won and lost – often.

Imagine your team in the zone, focussed…together. Good employee experiences don’t happen by accident – they have to be designed

What’s been the toughest challenge your team has overcome?

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