Connection is personal

//Connection is personal

Connection is personal.

Personal as in person-al. Human-centred design has been a powerful force in business because that “human-centred” bit helps make things person-al. When we recognise our shared humanity we feel connection.

Seeing your leader’s face, being able to look into their eyes helps to build connection. The closer the face and smaller the group, the stronger the connection. Person-al.

Noticed how teams are currently feeling stronger connection recently? We have been feeling our shared humanity. We are hearing each other’s concerns, seeing each other’s bedrooms/lounge rooms, noticing partners, pets and kids in the background. Person-al.

Notice why teams are feeling like this and take note. If you want to keep the magic it’ll require work to make things more person-al.

Imagine your team understanding each other more, giving each other more grace. Good employee experiences don’t happen by accident – they have to be designed.

How would you rate the level of connection in your teams right now?

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