End employee emotional exhaustion

//End employee emotional exhaustion

End employee emotional exhaustion.

Everyone has a cup inside filled with their good will, energy, positive intent, interest and commitment. We draw from this cup to meet the demands of our work, but if the cup runs dry and the demands continue we get EE. Here’s some ways to refill the cup:

Spot & Listen: Know how to spot EE. Look for changes in behaviour, look for people becoming quieter than usual, look for decreases in the range of emotions expressed. Check in with team members and listen.

Recognise: Inside the head of someone who’s EE, there’s a thousand demanding voices (should-haves, could-haves, needed-tos). It’s a no-win situation. Help them get some wins on the board. Increase your level of praise for work completed, and help them get clear on how to win (next point).

Visualise & Think 80-20: We don’t do mental juggling well. Get in front of a whiteboard/get sticky notes, dump and group everything that is in their mind, and identify the few items that will have the most impact. Focussing on these is how they win.

Team Naps: I’m serious. Those demanding voices? Yeah, they’re still yelling at your team at bedtime, so sleep is poor. Invest 20mins of work time to get a team power-nap. Treat it as a test, put an app on and recharge guilt-free.

What percentage of your workforce do you think is experiencing emotional exhaustion? What steps can you take today to make a difference?

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