Emotional exhaustion and the employee experience

//Emotional exhaustion and the employee experience

Emotional exhaustion is the key issue for the remainder of 2020.

For you and for your team. It sneaks up on you. EE is a mouse that turns into a elephant in an instant. Emotional Exhaustion then turns into disengagement.

Your people get Emotional Exhaustion in prolonged unbroken periods of demands that feel beyond their capacity to deliver.

Inside each of your team members there is a cup that’s filled with their good will, energy, positive intent, interest and commitment. Teams draw from this cup to meet the demands of their work, but when the cup gets empty but the demands continue you get Emotional Exhaustion.

2020 has demanded a lot from us so far, both at work and outside. That cup is running dry for many people. Tomorrow I’ll share some ways to refill the cup and avoid Emotional Exhaustion.

Lucas OlmosAbout Lucas Olmos
Lucas is Co-Founder & Director of Musketeers and Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UNSW’s Centre for Social Impact. As a Musketeer he works with organisations to design and transform the key experiences across the employee journey. He has studied Psychology, Business and Design, and when noone’s looking he likes to do the moonwalk.

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