The great shaking and the transfer of trust

//The great shaking and the transfer of trust

The great shaking of the last five months have been the world’s largest transfer of trust.

People feel discombobulated because what they believed was secure (trust-worthy) is being shaken. Somethings are being trusted more, others less, a lot is still up for grabs.

Companies trust of employees has shifted.
Customers’ trust of online has shifted.
Trust in our governing bodies has shifted.
Trust in our experts has shifted.
Trust in mainstream media has shifted.
Trust in our supply chains has shifted.

Reduced contact and social isolation intensifies the shadow of mistrust. If you’re a company you have an opportunity to take some of this trust that is up for grabs. Spend time designing how to build trust in your teams, focus on fundamentals, focus on core purpose. Be authentic, clear and focussed. Be trust worthy.

Watch out for hyper-ventilators, using emotion to bully a position. On the surface people will go along because humans avoid conflict by default, but below the surface it is causing division, resentment and loss of trust.

What things has your level of trust changed for in the last few months? What would make you feel more trust for something or someone?

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