Musketeers Celebrate BCorp Month 2019

//Musketeers Celebrate BCorp Month 2019

July is B Corp Month, a time of where we at Musketeers and other purpose-driven organisations around the world get the word out about the power and potential of using business as a force for good.

B Corp certified organisations commit to pursue more than just profit, but also place weight and importance on workers, the community and the environment when making a business decision. It’s written in our constitutions and we are audited to make sure we’re walking the walk.

At Musketeers we’ve been a B Corp for nearly 4 years, and it’s being an amazing journey. The B Corp certification has helped shape our business direction and to be connected to a passionate global community of mission led people.

In our organisation and our work we understand the value that work has in a person’s life and to the broader community. That’s why one of our impact goals is to create pathways of employment to communities that struggle in this area. This has lead us to do some amazing projects and programs that have served refugee communities, migrant communities and indigenous communities.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience most entrepreneurs and business leaders aren’t just in to for the money, they are actually wanting to make a meaningful difference in the community and the world. Employees flee organisations where the only focus is profit at all costs.

The problem is that in the heat of business and competition, it’s tempting to make compromises.

That’s where B Corp certification comes in, it helps you remember that you can still be mission led and do well by doing good.

As Employee Experience Designers, we know the power of staff coming together and pursuing a more meaningful path.

If you want to learn more about the B Corp certification and the process to get certified you can contact us or visit or