Social Outreach with Community Migrant Resource Centre

//Social Outreach with Community Migrant Resource Centre

Social Outreach with Community Migrant Resource Centre

By David Peters
Photo By George Voulgaropoulos ©

Recently Musketeers was excited about the opportunity to hold an “Empowering Jobseeker” Workshop in collaboration with CMRC (Community Migrant Resource Centre).

The purpose of the workshop was to work with a group of Afghan migrant/refugee girls in late high school and help them navigate the intimidating journey of venturing out into the workforce. We all know that journey begins with getting your foot in the door for your first job and learning how to purposefully build a career from that first exciting, yet nerve wracking step. How much more challenging for those with additional obstacles to overcome!

While at first the girls were somewhat shy and reserved, it didn’t take long for them to come out of their shell and feel more comfortable asking questions and engaging enthusiastically in the activities. Over the course of the day we focused on an inspiring approach and imparted valuable insights on empowerment and self-worth in addition to sharing practical tips such as resume and job interview skills. They loved connecting with the concept of empowerment and we had some great belly laughs when practicing the power stance. They also enjoyed learning about the mind/body connection where something as seemingly insignificant, as the way you sit or stand can drastically alter how you think and feel and influence your ability/drive to achieve your goals.

The greatest reward of the workshop was seeing hope and excitement building over their future and potential careers. That despite their race, age, gender or even their possibly traumatic past, they had intrinsic value and worth to contribute to the community.

The workshop ended on a high note with gift bags for all the girls that included special mementos, chocolates and handouts for helping them with the job seeking journey. The girls were also offered one on one mentoring opportunities for their careers which they were very happy to accept.

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