An Update to the Jobseeker Canvas

//An Update to the Jobseeker Canvas

An Update to the Jobseeker Canvas

We created the Jobseeker Canvas to help individuals transform the jobseeker experience. Jobseekers have typically felt disempowered by the process of looking for work. Interviews often feel like interrogations where the goal is to convince the interviewer. Our beta testing confirms that the Jobseeker Canvas helps empower individuals and turns interviews into two-way conversations – Yay!!

We’ve been pleased to see the canvas be used by a wide group of people including professionals, indigenous, migrants, refugees, students and more. The feedback and outcomes achieved have been exciting and include increased confidence, transformed interview experience and performance, and increased clarity of the role.

The feedback and our testing has also helped us to adjust the first step of the Jobseeker Canvas, renaming it from Roles to Experiences. We’ve found that the adjusted wording helps individuals clarify the type of information to capture there. Where Roles gave the (unintended) perception of formal roles or work positions, Experiences helps to broaden the type of experience that jobseekers can enter here – for example, being a stay-at-home mum, caring for a sick relative, fleeing a country.

We’ll continue our beta testing and improving the Jobseeker Canvas.

Can you help us? Share the Jobseeker Canvas with anyone who is currently looking for work – you can download it here:


The Jobseeker Canvas was a collaborative project with Prof Gianni Zappala, researcher and pioneer in the field of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) – Intelligence for meaning and purpose. You can find out more about Gianni and SQ at