Introducing the Recruitment Canvas 5.0

//Introducing the Recruitment Canvas 5.0

Introducing the Recruitment Canvas 5.0

Since we introduced the Recruitment Canvas in 2013 it has been downloaded all over the world, embedded in organisations and used by entrepreneurs. managers and HR teams to make better hiring decisions. Pretty cool!

Over the years we have continued to iterate and update the Canvas based on feedback and user cases, and we are now excited to introduce the latest iteration – the Recruitment Canvas 5.0.

We created the Recruitment Canvas when we asked ourselves “how might we help managers who have had little or no training make better hiring decisions?”.  The primary purpose of the tool is to help a hiring manager easily do the few things that predict success in hiring. The people who use the Canvas report being clearer in what they are looking for, shifting from general criteria and interviews to targeted, focussed interviews and assessment methods, and increased confidence in the outcomes of the hiring. Candidates also report increased clarity about the role, increasing the likelihood of success and faster on boarding.

So why change things? In our designs we continue to push the 80-20 rule to help us simplify and make them easier to use. We ask ourselves “what are the few things that are producing the majority of impact or outcome” and “if we remove this would the design be better?”.

The Process stage in the original Recruitment Canvas was intended to help stakeholder align and create a targeted process for each recruitment process undertaken. We expected that different assessments required for different roles would lead to a need to create customised processes. The reality was that this brought more confusion than clarity and so in version 5.0 we have removed this stage altogether.

We’ve also simplified the Attract stage, shifting from two steps into a simple space to articulate the key value proposition of the role to candidates and to consider the best go-to-market strategy.

Lastly, with the removal of the Process stage in the new Canvas, we have increased the space available for the Understand stage, where managers get the most value from.

Overall the Recruitment Canvas is quicker, easier and more effective. Download your copy today at and start making better hiring decisions!