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Hello VR

Musketeers are excited to introduce our Hello VR workshops in partnership with ACHIEVR!

With investment in Virtual and Augmented Reality development at an all time high, it is clear that these technologies will transform our workplaces and employee experiences. But business leaders today want to get beyond the hype and start making real business decisions. That’s why we created Hello VR.

In a short session we introduce the leaders in your organisation to the variety of Virtual and Augmented Reality options and experiences, get past the jargon and unpack the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone comes away updated, aligned and with clear real-business opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs and risk.

Whether the leaders in your organisation need to experience VR for the first time or they are ready to explore further get in contact with us today on hello@wearemusketeers.com or fill in the form here.

Lucas Olmos