A Socially Responsible Hiring Process

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Have you ever stopped to consider the wider social impact your hiring decisions have?

Each time you recruit a new hire there is a domino effect not only across the organisation but also the individual and their lives and families. When you apply a robust and professional hiring process you can significantly improve your chance of hiring the right person for the job. And when you have the right person in the job it can make all the difference. They can have a positive effective on the working environment and the team, the management, customers and clients, productivity and ultimately your bottom line and business success.

Conversely, in the absence of a robust and professional hiring process your chances of hiring the wrong person for the job increase significantly with negative consequences across some or all of the above areas mentioned.

On the candidate side, when the individual lands the right job for them, they are happy, excited, motivated, find meaning and purpose in their work, and contribute positively to the team and the success of the business. But there is also a positive flow on effect in their personal lives, their families and this impacts their communities and ultimately the wider global community for good.

But what about the individual who lands the wrong job and who may have invested time and effort to get the role only to realise the job and company isn’t what was conveyed to them or has changed since commencing. The flow on effect in their personal lives has wider implications that can negatively impact their well being and confidence. If they lose the job it may affect their ability to provide for themselves and their families which can then put a strain on the local, national and ultimately the global community.

Let’s all grow in understanding of the interconnectedness and long term effects of our hiring decisions.

Let’s all be conscious not only of growing a successful business but also the moral and social obligations we have to individuals, society and our communities as we launch into our hiring.

– Lucas