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Here are three ways to take control

The Jobseeker Canvas

  • Articulate what you bring to an employer.
  • Clarify your preferences
  • Unpack role specifics during hiring process
  • Compare options against your preferences
  • Make the right decision for you.

Jobseeking Support

  • Maximise your job search opportunities
  • Create a standout resume and cover letter
  • Practise and build confidence for interviews
  • Introduction to the Jobseeker Canvas
  • Various pricing and support options.

Careers By Design

  • Explore personality and personal traits
  • Discover work and personal drivers & satisfiers.
  • Unpack and evaluate options
  • Design and execute your plan
  • Various options starting at $1495 (inc GST)
Her knowledge of the both the business and non–profit sectors and personable approach make her the ideal career coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Neil McWhannell, CEO

Cheryll helped me clarify what direction I wanted to take for my career and assisted in developing a strategy for pursuing my goals. Her assistance with the recruitment process was invaluable, as was her support post getting the role I wanted. Having her expert guidance and advice gave me the confidence to pursue the balance that I wanted and the roadmap to getting there.
Cheryll’s warm and engaging style was easy to work with and I would highly recommend her services.

Cathryn Baker, CEO
I had come to a point in my life where I was looking for new challenges, and in addition needed to review my work-life balance.

Cheryll’s passionate and dynamic approach to assisting me in recognising my skills and strengths, and then translating all that into making decisions on what direction to take, was of immeasurable benefit to me.

Anne Moio, Senior Project Officer
Facing redundancy is never easy, especially after working for the same organisation for many years. Your confidence is at an all-time low and you’re not quite sure how or where to start again.

Thankfully, I was more fortunate than most people. A friend of mine referred me to Cheryll, who right from the first phone call, made the world of difference for me.

Leanne Sheddon, Public Relations - Business Liaison Officer
The Careers by Design program gave me some unexpected insights into my skills and personal strengths. I got reminded of who I was some 30 years ago when I started my first job and what I wanted to achieve at work and in my private life. From there, it showed me work alternatives I’ve never though were possible and how to create opportunities for jobs that I enjoy doing, all in line with my lifestyle.
M.S., Careers By Design Participant

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