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About Our Founders

Cheryll Olmos
Lucas Olmos

Lucas & Cheryll Olmos are Co-Founders and Directors of Musketeers, a B Corp certified, purpose driven business. They are employee experience designers, trainers and change-makers. With backgrounds in Psychology, Business and HR consulting, they have over 25 years combined experience working with Board, Executive and Management teams across the not for profit, government and corporate sectors.

A passion for making a difference led them to study at UNSW’s Centre for Social Impact and create a business that disrupts the traditional employee experience and champions the value of people in the workplace. Lucas is also the Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UNSW’s Centre for Social Impact, engaging Master of Commerce students on social entrepreneurship.

They enjoy collaborating and partnering with organisations to transform and improve the employee journey so that it’s more effective and people centred. Using design thinking concepts, they have co-created unique solutions like the Recruitment Canvas, the Jobseeker Canvas and the Employee Strategy Canvas to help organisations and individuals navigate the employee experience more effectively.